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Changing the Narrative

The Saint Paul & Minnesota Community Foundations are seeking nominations for two awards to be given to two individuals or organizations working to eliminate racism and its effects. The awards are part of the Foundations' commitment to equity and offer the chance to recognize community members who are courageously transforming our region and state.

Nominating criteria

We invite you to submit a nomination in support of an adult or youth who is helping to promote racial equity. This year, we will also consider nominations for organizations that are doing work to eliminate racism and promote equity. Each nominee must:

  • Actively engage in creating a racially equitable community.
  • Demonstrate commitment to directly addressing issues of racism and/or tackling racial inequity in the East Metro and across Minnesota. Nominees, individuals and organizations, might be working to reduce racism by changing attitudes, behaviors and practices, or by increasing access to resources at an individual, community, neighborhood, institutional, policy or systemic level.
  • Individuals must work with or through an organization(s). An organizational nominee can be any type of entity, e.g., a nonprofit, foundation, private company.
  • Be notified by the nominator and receive consent prior to submitting the nomination form. If your nominee is a youth under the age of 18, you must receive consent from the nominee’s guardian.
  • Not be self-nominated.
  • Not be a former Facing Race Ambassador Award recipient.
  • Not be staff or board members of The Saint Paul & Minnesota Community Foundations.

Selection Criteria

Nominees will be reviewed on the following criteria:

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