Designated Funds

Long-term support for specific organizations

Designated funds allow donors to provide long-term support to one or more nonprofit organizations. With a single gift, you can ensure that your favorite charities receive continued and reliable funding. The process is simple: You choose the organizations. Over time, we issue annual grants made in your name.

Better yet, designated funds ensure that your gift has maximum impact. Your funds will be managed as part of a diversified and high-performing investment portfolio. Our spending policy provides for grant distributions that have opportunity to grow annually. We even take care of redistributing your funds, should one of your designated charities go out of business.

A man and a boy walking through the woods in autumn

The Olivia Irvine Dodge and Thomas Irvine Dodge Fund. Known as a humanitarian, philanthropist and environmentalist, Olivia was raised in what is now the governor’s mansion, which she and her sister donated to the state in 1965. Olivia also founded the Dodge Nature Center, where 40,000 students attend classes each year. Her legacy today continues to protect the environment and ecology of the Saint Paul area.

A park with the Saint Paul skyline in the background

The Richard L. Gunderson Memorial Fund. Dick Gunderson was known for his service to the community. In retirement, he gave his time and dedication to the Courage Center — rather than a fortune, which he did not have — until his death in 1983. Established in 1985 by loved ones who knew Dick, the Fund continues to honor his memory and support the work of the Courage Center.