Donor Advised Funds

Maximum flexibility

If you make multiple gifts throughout the year, donor advised funds present a flexible and inexpensive way of organizing your charitable giving. When you create a donor advised fund with us, you join a community of individuals and organizations sharing knowledge and services, enabling you to have maximum impact with your charitable giving.

With these funds, you will never lose the satisfaction of directing money to your favorite organizations. Yet, donor advised funds come with the added benefits of expert financial and investment management.

Donor advised funds afford many of the advantages of private foundations but with greater tax benefit, fewer restrictions and minimal administrative headaches. You create the fund with your initial gift and take the tax deductions each time you contribute. We handle all the necessary accounting, legal and investment services, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

While some donors know exactly how they want to use their funds, others seek our expert guidance. Our staff specializes in connecting donors with the nonprofit organizations and community projects that best match their interests and goals. We also offer learning events.

Donor advised funds allow you to make grants of $250 or more. To start a fund, we accept a variety of asset types and offer the maximum tax deduction allowable.

The Gordon and Jeanne Shepard Family Fund. Gordon and Jeanne Shepard established their fund in 1998, providing generous support over many years to environmental programs, education initiatives, neighborhood organizations and projects that address racial issues. The legacy of their generosity continues today as their descendants, Charlotte “Shotsy” Johnson and John Shepard, continue to recommend grants to important community initiatives as well as involve their own children in philanthropic decision-making.