Scholarship Funds

Support students in your community

Scholarships are an investment in the future. Your gift can create a scholarship fund that benefits graduates of a high school of your choice, students majoring in a particular subject or students with specific needs or plans that you want to help. Our donors have two options for creating scholarship funds:

  • Designated scholarship funds. These funds benefit students graduating from a high school or destined for a university of your choosing. One of the Minnesota Philanthropy Partners' affiliates will administer the funds by providing annual scholarship awards to the designated schools. From there, we closely monitor each school’s process to ensure that your giving intent is respected. You can start a designated scholarship fund with a gift of $25,000 or more.
  • Managed scholarship funds. For larger gifts that provide significant, multi-year scholarships, donors can opt for a managed scholarship fund. In this case, we work with you to establish criteria and appoint a selection committee that meets legal requirements. We partner with Scholarship America to promote the scholarship and manage the application and selection processes. You can start a managed scholarship fund with a gift of $1 million or more.

Students searching for scholarships

Scholarship America administers the scholarship funds for The Saint Paul Foundation. Please visit to search for scholarships.

Three smiling students

Ray S. and Eva Hope Miller Scholarship Fund. A native Saint Paulite and business owner, Eva Miller practiced quiet charity throughout her life. She was particularly generous to neighbors in crisis and even helped others prepare for their children’s college education. Through her estate plans, Eva established several funds to ensure that her tradition of quiet charity continues to thrive.

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The Reuben W. Anderson Scholarship Fund. Reuben Anderson was a successful career banker, devoting 45 years to the First National Bank of Stillwater. Long before that success, he was unable to continue his education beyond high school graduation due to finances. This instilled in him a lifelong passion for education. His sister, Alice Anderson, honored his memory by establishing a scholarship fund in his name. Scholarships go to graduating seniors of Stillwater High School to support their continued education.