Glen and Harold Bend

Portrait of Harold Bend

Harold and Glen Bend shared the sweetness of their successes - having amassed considerable wealth through the family sugar brokerage firm and a savvy, early investment in 3M - with the community they loved.

The Bends gave generously to local institutions and were active in community affairs and social circles. To continue their commitment to community, they established the Glen and Harold Bend Foundation in partnership with The Saint Paul Foundation.

Originally established in 1974, the Bend Foundation has contributed more than $60 million to the Saint Paul community and is still going strong today.

Their impact

Established in 1974 with $32 million, the Glen and Harold Bend Foundation has made 1,761 grants totaling $67 million. Today the Foundation is worth more than $83 million.

Harold Bend by the water

Their Lives

  • Born in New York in 1870, Harold Bend was approximately seven years old when his family moved to Saint Paul.
  • Harold forsake an active career as a member of the Minnesota Boat Club, a fashionable activity for Saint Paul’s young men in 1898, to pursue his love of golf.
  • Glen and Harold had no children. When Harold died at the age of 103, he left a bequest of more than $32 million to The Saint Paul Foundation.
Boats docked along the Mississippi River in Saint Paul

Their legacy

  • The fruits of the Bends’ successes are still enjoyed by many Minnesotans, from the renovation of the Landmark Center to the construction of Ordway Performing Arts (then known as Ordway Music Theatre).
  • The Bend Foundation continues to support the Minnesota Boat Club, through flood recovery efforts and helping to finance national rowing championships.
  • Today, the Bends’ legacy lives on in the many nonprofits supported by their generosity, from the American Indian Health Care Association to the YWCA of Saint Paul.